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Founder & President, Theresa Cangialosi


Theresa Cangialosi is a clinical aromatherapist who has been deeply involved with the art and science of aromatherapy since 1987. Theresa is the Founder & President of SoBotanical, an aromatherapy apothecary focusing on custom essential oil blending with high quality essential oils and natural product manufacturing. In 1990, she began importing pure essential oils under the name LeNez Aromatherapy and has kept true to her ethics of keeping quality and purity a priority. She has created over 60,000 custom blends and has owned 9 different retail locations in the Baltimore area. In 1990 she opened one of the first aromatherapy bars in the United States, and in 1996 she opened an aromatherapy education facility at Touch the Earth (one of her retail locations), which hosted many of the leading aromatherapy educators.

Theresa has studied with many of the top aromatherapy and herbal educators around the globe and continues her advanced study to this day. There are no current U.S. certifications for aromatherapy, however she has received many (well established) certifications and has docked thousands of hours of personal training.

She has been featured in Aromatic Thymes, and has won numerous awards for Baltimore Best Aromatherapy. Theresa has been teaching aromatherapy and clinical applications to a broad audience including hospitals, massage schools, colleges, spas, government agencies and private businesses.

She is a member of University of Maryland’s Shock Trauma Integrative Medicine team, providing assistance with aromatherapy and holistic health for patients. In 2012, she created blends for Richard Norris, the world’s first full face transplant patient, creating nourishing and healing skin care products and oil blends that provided emotional and physical healing. In addition, SoBotanical blends have been used in John Hopkins University Psych ward for over 10 years.

Theresa has received her massage therapy certification in 1996 thru the Baltimore School for Massage and also advanced level training of cranio sacral and somato emotional release therapy thru Upledger Institute. She completed over 6000 massages in an 11 year span, all of which contained individual custom aromatherapy treatments.

Theresa is also a natural botanical perfumer and has trained with many perfuming alchemists including Katheryn Degroff who is a pioneer in natural perfuming industry.

Theresa is a professional member of NAHA (National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy), ARC (Aromatherapy Registration Council), and AEOTA (American Essential Oil Trade Association).

SoBotanical is in the process of opening up a new location this summer, which is sure to be her finest Aromatherapy Bar and Natural Apothecary yet.

Theresa lives in Baltimore, Maryland with her Husband Greg Cangialosi and daughter Gabriella, pictured above. When she is not helping others she enjoys gardening, yoga and traveling. To serve and be of service with nature is her passion.