Stop and Smell Life.

2017 turns the calendar to my 30th year of aromatic and holistic health study.  It is this love affair with botanicals which reminds me that plants are our allies and they do indeed understand things we do not know. With scientific research on aromatic plant study burgeoning forth more than ever around the globe, we recognize that aromatherapy is a key component to emotional, physical, mental and soulful healing. We comprehend that smell has no filters or restriction to the brain and so becomes the biggest gift to our soul.

Over the past 30 years I have been involved with aromatherapy on many levels: retailer (9 different locations), wholesaler, importer, manufacturer, aromatherapy educator, natural perfumer, massage therapist, craniosacral therapist, holistic coach, aroma technician, private consultant, product developer, hospital volunteer, hospice volunteer, and general botanical enthusiast.

“You know you are a good teacher when you know what you don’t know”... A line I am continuously taught by many of my favorite aromatherapy and health educators.

I am proud to announce the newest endeavor for SoBotanical. Our beautiful new flagship store located at 48 E. Cross Street in Baltimore, Maryland will host an outstanding natural apothecary featuring directly sourced, genuine and authentic essential oils, organic natural botanical ingredients and products, custom formulation, botanical perfuming, private consultation, and education from top aromatherapists and natural health mentors. It is our promise to bring you cutting edge aromatic information and alchemical preparations that are assured to enhance your entire well being.

Peace & blessings,

Theresa, Owner