Chilly Willy Sac Spray

Chilly Willy Sac Spray

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Jock itch, anti-fungal, foot/leg coolant

Size 2 oz
Liquid brother to the Chilly Willy Nut Dust
Key Ingredients: Colloidal Silver, Peppermint, Ionic sea minerals

Utilizing silvers natural antimicrobial properties, soothing aloe, and Helichrysum, this sac spray will keep you good fellas calm, cool, and clean without the mess.  You're welcome!

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Customer Reviews

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Ken Jr
Crotch Rash

I contracted a fungus infection in my groin while hospitalized and was given a RX for a cream that did nothing to kill the fungus or ease the itching after a week + of usage. At this point it had spread to a larger area, so I contacted Tree who recommended the Chilly Willy Sac Spray and Dust. Within 2 days of using both products I noticed a remarkable difference and after 10 days there is little to no trace of the infection. Thanks so much to Tree and the SoBo team for another formula that does the job that a RX failed to accomplish.