Specialty Lines

Specialty Lines

At Sobotanical we believe in being BOLD! No need to be shy about men's health, women's health, or mental health! Our specialty lines have all been formulated with you in mind.

Calm Your Ass Down

Every now and then we all just need to relax! In laws coming to town? Kids won't calm down? Pesky significant other? This is the line for you! Every product in this line is infused with our calm your ass down synergy oil blend.

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Chilly Willy

Take care of the boys and try our premium men's care line. Peppermint is a signature oil in our chilly willy synergy blend which is incorporated in all chilly willy products. This secret oil is what gives that chilly tingly feel in our specialty line.

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Pretty Pussy

These all natural products are perfect for all feminine needs. Try it once and you are sure to come back for more! This line includes our best selling love butter and medicinal oil. Take a look at our treat and enjoy products.

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