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Our essential oils are 100% pure and come from all over the world. Theresa, the founder and owner of Sobotanical has gathered this collection of oils over her 30 years of experience in the aromatherapy industry.

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Synergy Blends

A synergy blend is a mix of individual single note essential oils. All of these blends have been formulated by our head aromatherapists Theresa and Kim. Each blend has a specific purpose in mind, whether that be to energize, calm, or provide medicinal care. Find your perfect blend today!

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Essential Oils for All Your Needs

Essential Oils & Aromatherapy

All of our essential oils and blends are 100% pure coming from all around the world. These oils have been sourced by years of experience in the industry to ensure the highest quality possible.

Our essential oils provide not only the amazing scent but the healing properties that come from using a pure oil as opposed to a synthetic.

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