Face Cleansing Gel
Face Cleansing Gel
Face Cleansing Gel
Face Cleansing Gel
Face Cleansing Gel
Face Cleansing Gel

Face Cleansing Gel

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Rosacea, all skin types, balancing

Size 100 ml

Pump it up with this am/pm multi-tasking cleanser that balances and hydrates your skin so you can face each morning with a healthy glow. We’ve added a calming dose of Roman Chamomile and a touch of Lavender because every day deserves a fresh take and you deserve sweet dreams at night.

*We recently upgraded our packaging to protect our products from UV light, expand the lifetime of our products, and easier-to-use dispensing.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Deborah Cheshire

I love the facial cleansing gel, it is truly the best I have tried. I highly recommend it!!!

Bryana Rosado
The best product!!

I have struggled with hormonal cystic acne for about three years now. Tried name brand products, over the counter products, was on medication for my acne and nothing seemed to be helping. My friend Jordyn actually told me about this product and how it helped her breakouts. She had a bottle with a little left that she let me have. The results are mind blowing. With in just three days of using the product my skin even out and acne seemed to just vanish! I had to go buy TWO bottles. Absolutely in love with this product. Definitely recommend to anyone struggling with stubborn acne. I cannot thank you guys enough for giving me my confidence back!!


Ive been using this product for over a month, i can say i never really had much of an acne problem growing up i was more concerned with keeping the complexity and tone ness of my skin; with that being said i adore this product it doesnt give any harsh scents like other products ive used its very refreshing to use in the shower along with their lavender shower bunch! Not only does it keep my skin from breaking out in the summer but it also keeps it moisturized when combined with their other products 13/10 you wont regret it!!

Tracy Gosson
Foamy Cleanser that is NOT Drying

As I have aged I switched to creamy cleansers at some point because they were less drying, but I never felt like my skin was getting well cleansed. Visiting the Sobotanical store one day they promised me this cleans skin very well with a nice bit of foam, but will not strip and dry out the skin. Well, they were right, been using this for years + absolutely love it!