Moisture Extreme Serum
Moisture Extreme Serum
Moisture Extreme Serum
Moisture Extreme Serum
Moisture Extreme Serum
Moisture Extreme Serum
Moisture Extreme Serum
Moisture Extreme Serum

Moisture Extreme Serum

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Dry, dehydrated, photoaged, and challenged skin

Size 50 ml

Let's face it: mother nature isn't always so kind. Wind, snow, and sunshine can take their toll and dehydrate even the most carefully tended skin. Our lightweight Moisture Extreme Serum primes skin for any environment and leaves the skin supple, moisturized, and hydrated. Let your skin drink this serum up.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Vickie Fincham
Incredible Product

Not only is this moisturizer AMAZING, but it has the most wonderful scent that lingers long after you have applied the product. It’s very smooth and hydrates WELL!!

Lives up to the name

This is central to my skincare routine. I'm almost 40, and I constantly shock people when I tell them my age. I know this serum is a major reason that my skin looks smooth and healthy. It keeps my skin hydrated but is not at all heavy, it feels amazing when I apply it. I follow up with a hydrosol and seal in the moisture with a face oil. My skin is never dry with this routine!

Claire Rea
I love everything you do!

Thank you for sending these lovely products! I have used Extreme Moisture fo about a year and it has helped my face retain moisture so beautifully. Thank you!

Alyssa La Regina
Rockstar Moisturizer in a Lightweight Formula

I've been using this daily for YEARS in combo with Face Nourish and the Rejuvenating toner spray. This combo is gentle, yet effective and has done absolute wonders for my skin; especially over time with continued use. What I love so much about this serum in particular is that it packs a serious punch of moisture, but is very lightweight and sinks right into my skin. I'm in my mid-30s and one of my goals is to increase moisture to help with fine lines...This product excels here! I occasionally do a retinol treatment, but my skin is very sensitive to even low doses, so I always put a layer of this on FIRST and then I use the retinol. I feel like it really helps minimize the flaking/dryness that can come from retinol. It's also very versatile; I used this on my face/neck, but I also use it on my hands/cuticles and elbows when there's dryness. I have combo skin that's slightly more towards the oily side and use this year-round (no, it doesn't leave me greasy). Another big win for me with this is that I can apply copious amounts of my sunblock over this and it doesn't pill up AT ALL or get weird under other products. It's so hard to pick a favorite skincare product from Sobotanical, but this, Face Nourish and the Lip Love are tied for 1st place for me. Thank you to Theresa and the whole team who put so much thought/care into these product formulations. These products are high quality and I recommend them to anyone (also love gifting them!).

Tracy Gosson
A Must Day-time Serum

I use this everyday in the morning after cleansing and toning, followed up with Moisture Extreme Cream. Love the subtle scent and how it helps moisturize throughout the day without getting greasy and causing make-up to fall off.