Pure vs. Synthetic Essential Oils

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Let's get back to the SoBo basics: natural is always in.

With over 30 years of practice in the field of aromatherapy and holistic health, Theresa Cangialosi, our founder and head aromatherapist, has sourced and collected an abundance of natural knowledge and only the purest essential oils. SoBotanical is the community’s place to seek wisdom about holistic health and healing in body, mind and spirit.

It begins at the heart of our store: essential oils.

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are derived from natural compounds sourced from pure aromatic plant extracts (such as plants and trees) that are then distilled. Natural essential oils not only smell good, but they provide various therapeutic and medicinal benefits to the human body.

They often encourage immune and respiratory support through antibacterial, antiviral, antioxidant, antifungal, and antimicrobial properties. Essential oils are also psychologically therapeutic by naturally reducing stress and anxiety. Although pure essential oils can be a bit more costly than synthetic oils, they are cleaner, safer, and natural.

What are synthetic oils?

Synthetic fragrances are everywhere and in everything: laundry detergent, cleaning products, dryer sheets, candles, cosmetics, and skincare—just to name a few. Synthetic oils are toxic, chemically-derived compounds that have negative effects on the human body. They are created from petroleum and petro-chemicals to imitate natural fragrances and specific scents for a fraction of the cost. They are toxic endocrine disruptors that can have detrimental effects on hormones and bodily functions. Ever lit a candle or used cleaning products that gave you a headache or a cough? Synthetics can have that effect. The respiratory tract often suffers from irritation particularly affecting those with asthma, the elderly, and children.

Synthetic oils also lack the very reason why we use pure and natural essential oils: aromatherapy. Synthetics lack the therapeutic properties of natural aromatics. Although they are typically cheaper and have a longer shelf life, synthetic fragrances can hold a bigger price tag over our health.

How to Avoid Synthetic Fragrances

Our top tip is to always read the label. It should say "pure essential oil" or "natural essential oil." If it doesn't, that is a sign it might be synthetic. Secondly, avoid products using the term "fragrance" because it can be utilized to hide chemicals in the ingredient label. It's important to know what you're putting in and on your body. That's why put ingredient labels on every single one of our products—including the botanical names of plants, trees, and natural compounds. When you shop with us, you always know exactly what you're purchasing and incorporating into your journey of self-healing.

At SoBotanical, all of our essential oils and synergy blends are 100% pure and natural coming from all around the world. We make ourselves and our knowledge available to share insight in the aromatherapy, herbal, and natural health field. Have any questions you'd love for us to answer? Send us an email hello@sobotanical.com!

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