At some point, when looking for holistic health knowledge and advice, you’ve probably asked yourself

“How can I find great health resources in this age of information overload where everyone can share anything?”

Our certified aromatherapists are here to help.

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SoBotancial was born out of love for self-healing with plant medicine.

The essential oils we sell in our shop have been grown, harvested, and extracted by farmers whose knowledge has been passed down through generations.

We believe that our shop creates a safe space for you to 
find your path to inner healing.

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Our Essential Oils

We have long term partnerships with knowledgeable growers, distillers, and manufactures in the industry who practice sustainability and quality control, and who have expertise in chemistry and global agriculture.

Our Pricing

Money matters, and you may be wondering why our Frankincense is currently being bottled and sold at $29 for a 15ml bottle while other companies price the same bottle for close to $100?

We structure our pricing based on the true market value, which means that our oil prices fluctuate depending on how much a barrel of Lavender, Frankincense, or Eucalyptus is selling for at the point of purchase. On the reverse, many companies inflate pricing on certain oils they’ve been promoting, enabling them to pocket substantial profit margins.

At the same time, some essential oils are truly, very expensive. A true Rose Otto, steam distilled in Bulgaria, is a notoriously expensive essential oil, but understandably so: it takes 60 roses to produce one drop of the essential oil. 30 years ago we used to buy a liter of Rose Otto for $500; today, you are hard pressed to find a few ounces of Rose Otto for that same price.

Credibility + Education

There’s a lot of information out there, and we know how overwhelming it can be to take it all in. No matter if you’re looking for advice, or looking to purchase essential oils or natural skin-care products, a good company will have certified aromatherapists in key leadership positions.

You can find qualified aromatherapists and companies that employ qualified aromatherapists on: NAHA, AIA, ARC

Look beyond the marketing: we truly believe that you are your best health advocate, you should question everything you hear and read, even from medical experts. You can access free resources on NAHA’s website or AIA's website.

A note from our founder: Theresa Cangialosi

I had seen essential oils in tiny little bottles all over Europe, and in 1986, while working at a health food store, one of the first importers walked in and asked if we wanted to start selling them. Our shop became one of the first to import and sell essential oils on the east coast.

The moment I began working with the oils, I knew this was what I wanted to devote my life to- it was as if the plants sent a message to my soul and opened up something inside of me. With not much written text in the U.S. at the time, much of my early work was based on intuition, herbal comparison and trial and error.

So many amazing people are working with essential oils today. The more I study, another petal unfolds and joins the blossom- it’s like a rose in infinite bloom; but there’s also not enough time in one’s life to study all there is, that’s why you need to listen to what the plants have to tell you: they’ll explain how everything is in divine order. Thank goodness to the devoted research and science experts also.

During my first years of connecting with the oils, I was looking for solace and balance. For each health chaos, I looked to the energetic harmony of the oils and plants and I soon began to see the body as the whole interconnected system that it truly was. I know that all the things that occur naturally are complete perfection, in divine order- everything from the plant kingdom has a purpose whether it is fit for us or not.

My step into practicing holistic health was also my pathway of rediscovering life- it was the exhalation to release toxins and traumas of my past and as I became involved in this world of aromatherapy I started to see beautiful things unfold.

I opened my first Aromatherapy shop in 1987. We still make some of our classics that have been in our shop since our initial years, like our Face Nourish and Panacea (formerly Headease), but we’re constantly designing new products in small batches and making customs to fit individual needs.   

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