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Shave Gel
Smooth as silk baby!

Actually wasn’t sure about Gel for shaving but wanted to try due to all your great natural products.
Actually get a great shave and smells awesome.
Using it regularly now

Ultra Eye Treatment
Staci Steele
Ultra eye treatment.

I love it. Light weight, soothing, brightening!

Pretty pussy love butter

I wonder if there is a different ingredient? It smells different. I don’t like it as much. Is it just me or the product?

Beta is Love

I've been using Beta as a roll-on for three weeks. Per SoBotanical, this essential oil is best for energizing, inspiration, and bringing awareness; I would agree that all of these benefits are accurate. In my own experience, I would further say Beta promotes a sense of calm, hope, positivity, confidence, and dalliance. I like to apply Beta in the early mornings while I am savoring a dark roast coffee and writing in my journal. And I like to reapply the oil while enjoying an evening with my partner, doing yoga, making dinner, conversing about our day, and loving each other. Beta has joyfully enhanced the quality of my life.

Lavender (Bulgarian)
Robert Higginbotham

Lavender (Bulgarian)

Drops of love 2023

I am so lucky to have one of this batch! I will cherish it as long as it lasts!

Just very happy with the scent !thank you arrived on time

Organic thank you !

CBD Magnesium Butter

This product is dreamy (literally), i keep it by my bed and at night massage it into my hands, knees and elbows… not only does it help with the aches and pains, it’s moisturizing and i think I'm sleeping more soundly… win, win, win! In my book… i like it so much that im gifting it to my triathlete friend. Thx Teresa et al

soft & smooth!

Love this cleaner. Leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth and smells beautiful!

Pumpkin Enzyme Serum
Angelic Tobin
Pumpkin Enzyme Serum

I love the Pumpkin Enzyme Serum. It is gentle, effective, and non-drying!

Emily Kehr


Like going to a Spa

Great stuff. Feels wonderful putting on and smells like you are at a 5 star resort spa…..quite nice indeed!


Loved this scent

Great product!

Good stuff

Don’t like the name of it!! It does calm my restless legs.

Body Wash (Lavender)
Kathy Scilipoti
Body Wash lavender

What a great way to start the day with the beautiful smell of lavender. The soap is my favorite so far!

Face Cleansing Gel
Melodie Barton
Face Cleansing Gel

I am loving using this cleanser! It leaves my skin feeling fresh but not dried out and perfectly prepped for the rest of my SoBotanicals routine!

Seriously healed my hands

So thankful for this place, the vibes, the education they offer to their customers and of course their magical products like the deep repair hand cream which has healed my hard hands!

Ultra Eye Treatment
Kimberly Parker

I’ve been using so botanical skin care for many years now. I LOVE every product I’ve purchased.

roberta maggenti
antifungal liquid

it will take at least 3 months to see if this liquid works. i'll submit when i see that my fingernail is growing back without the white rim of fungus. thank you.

Vitamin C Serum
Lenora Dawson
I absolutely love it!

The product is light, adds moisture without a greasy residue. That is now my go to moisturizer.

Calm Your A** Down Soap

Nourishing Shampoo
Susan Palmer
Am obsessed!!

My son and daughter-in-law use your products and introduced me to them with a gift for my birthday. I love love love the shampoo and conditioner. It leaves my hair feeling wonderful. And it smells great too! Am now obsessed!

Vitamin C Serum
Kim Laughlin

Vitamin C Serum