Relief For Any Need

Since the beginning of human history we have been using natural remedies to cure everything from physical aches and pains to mental ailments of stress, anxiety, insomnia, and much more. At the center of this pursuit are the key ingredients of our plant based pure essential oils. Using over 30 years of knowledge we have combined top ingredients with specialty essential oil blends crafted by our top aromatherapists to treat all types of physical and mental aches and pains.


Scent is the most powerful sense we have. Its no surprise that certain smells can elicit specific responses in the brain. We have sourced some of the best essential oils for sleep from around the world. These oils can be found in our sleep oil blends or combined in our products to help you get the good night sleep you're looking for.

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Pain & Apothecary

Looking for a natural remedy for your pain? Look no further. Our pain and apothecary products typically use ingredients of turmeric, magnesium, and specialty oil blends from plants known to aid in human recovery.

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Stress & Anxiety

Stress and anxiety is on the rise. These products are formulated to help you find peace of mind. We all need a little relaxer every once and a while. Mental health is at the forefront of what Sobotanical stands for. From the way we work to what we put in the products. We believe every step of the process has to have the right mental state.

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